We offer a total package for Industrial and Agricultural buildings;from designing the PV System, completing the Planning and G59 applications, structural calculations for the insurers and the complete installation, including building modifications and access platforms,if required.

Our associated company, The Solar Building Company, has obtained sole UK distribution rights with leading international suppliers, allowing us to give very competitive prices on top quality products, designed for the UK market and all independently tested at Loughborough University.

For fibre cement roofs, we have developed our own mounting system. This will allow the roof sheets to breathe, expand and contract as they are designed to do, even with the PV installed - unlike other systems, which are likely to cause the sheets to split around fixings and leak.

We’ve even developed a ‘Solar Barn’ for anyone looking for a new agricultural building fitted with PV that will give optimum pay-back.


If you are having work done on your roof it needs to be carried out by experienced roofing contractors, otherwise leaks will follow...


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